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Franchisee FAQs

To obtain further information, kindly get in touch with us at 9875302390.
The initial investment required for the start-up is estimated to be between 5 to 7 lakhs. However, the actual cost may vary depending on the resources and requirements of the franchisee.
Nemesis provides study material to its franchisees and offers two training sessions every week for their students. These sessions include one offline day, which is to be provided by the franchisee, and one online day, which is provided by Nemesis. Therefore, in a month, the franchisee can expect to receive four online training sessions from Nemesis.
Although Nemesis is responsible for providing field training, the location of the franchise is a determining factor in the availability of such training.
At the time of renewal, a discount may be provided to the franchise, with the amount of discount depending on both the duration of the franchise's partnership with Nemesis and the revenue it has generated.
The franchise agreement includes certain non-negotiable terms such as the course content, company policies, and the requirement to protect the brand name. Additionally, any major decisions made by the franchise will need to be consulted with Nemesis executives.
Nemesis will primarily provide online marketing support, and some offline marketing may also be available. However, it is ultimately the full responsibility of the franchise to promote the business in other ways as well.
The franchisee will be required to submit a weekly report once a week, and a final report at the end of each month.